White Chocolate Matcha Latte + Photo Books


White Chocolate Matcha Latte

We’ve been home from Kyoto for a year and a half, and I’m still courting matcha like we just began a serious love affair and I can’t take my hands off of it. When Alanna showed up with a bag of “extra” organic matcha in hand a few weeks ago I could have kissed her (who knew one could have extra matcha?).

With this white chocolate matcha latte and a peek at our wedding and honeymoon photo books, I’m writing a love letter to our trip to Japan. An incredibly long and gushing love letter – expect two more weeks of matcha sweets coming up next.

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Tomato Eggplant Stew over Parmesan Polenta


Tomato Eggplant Stew over Parmesan Polenta

My mom is an expert at making efficient dinners with lots of leftovers. I’m terrible at leftovers – both at making enough food to have leftovers and, on the off chance I’m successful at that, at then coming up with something we won’t tire of after the second or third spaghetti lunch. This tomato eggplant stew passes both tests. A large batch comes together without a fuss and we’re still singing its praises on day 6 of leftovers.

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DIY Sushi at Home: A Video Collaboration


DIY Sushi at Home - A Video

A food blogger friend I’ve never met in person recently observed that it seems Japanese is my favorite cuisine. My obsession is THAT transparent. Back in college, you would never have guessed that 10 years down the line, I’d have fallen so hard into a sushi love affair to the point of making DIY sushi at home WHENEVER POSSIBLE.

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Maple Bacon Fat Caramels


Maple Bacon Fat Caramels

Does your loved one have a thing for bacon? Even if they wouldn’t classify their relationship with bacon as a thing, you should turn it into a thing by making them a batch of homemade maple bacon fat caramels for Valentine’s Day. And maybe a whole slew of these other DIY bacon gifts I made last year. Bring on the bacon!

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Gluten-Free Double Chocolate Cupcakes with Raspberry Red Currant Filling + A Love Giveaway


Gluten-Free Double Chocolate Cupcakes with Raspberry Currant Filling

This post is basically a one-stop shop to finding a sweet Valentine for that special someone. Since google analytics tells me y’all are about 88% women, by special someone I mean: you. Treat yo’ self! With a gluten-free double chocolate cupcake with raspberry red currant filling, a hand-forged bracelet, and a book about love. (For the other 12% of you, take notes.)

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Blood Orange and Sage Sparkling Soda + $300 Giveaway


Blood Orange and Sage Sparkling Soda

Our glassware cabinet is filled with mason jars and a few mismatched Ikea glasses that haven’t broken yet. The great thing about mason jars is that they’re virtually indestructible – if only I had a dollar for every time my slippery fingers dropped a glass in the sink. The paper-thin glasses holding this blood orange and sage sparkling soda are on the exact opposite end of the spectrum; dangerously lighter than disposable plastic crystal cut cups, they threaten to crumble if you grab just a little too firmly.

My non-rational side couldn’t resist their delicacy, so I bought a pair and immediately filled them with something lovely before I had a chance to crush them with my superhuman grip.

Don’t expect to see them again. There’s a reason I can’t have nice things. (You can have nice things though – stay tuned for a giveaway at the end of this post).

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Buttermilk Fried Tofu Tacos with Jalapeno Lime Yogurt Cabbage Slaw


Buttermilk Fried Tofu Tacos

These Buttermilk Fried Tofu Tacos are for those days you really need comfort food. Like Monday, for example. The day after Lucas left for China. The day the freshly hung front dining room curtains ripped out of the wall. Before we point fingers, it’s not Lucas’s fault. He rushed to get my double curtain rod up minutes before he had to leave, and in the process, discovered that our landlord hadn’t put the previous brace in a stud. Lucas quickly threw a drywall screw in, worried it wouldn’t hold. Guess what? It didn’t hold.

No problem, though. I’m handy.

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Chocolate Mochi Mug Cake + A Cookbook Giveaway


Chocolate Mochi Mug Cake

Among many important life lessons, my parents instilled in me one fundamental truth: dessert follows dinner. No sooner do I finish my last bite of dinner than I crave something sweet to wash it down. Tonight I’ll be making my second batch of these chocolate mochi mug cakes. This sweet tooth is programmed into my genes.

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