February 3rd, 2012 >>>

Healthy chicken tortilla soup for cilantro-haters


As a serious cilantrophobe, I’ve never been a fan of tortilla soup. Actually, to be fair, I’d only ever tried it once when my friends took me to “tortilla soup Tuesdays” at Houston’s Restaurant, but when the bowl came served with a heaping glob of that detestable herb, I’d seen enough. Or so I thought. Two Christmases ago, my Nana gave me a box of local tortilla soup mix from my hometown. After whipping it up one night (and adding my own vegetable touches), I was persuaded to give tortilla soup a second chance – as long as cilantro was nowhere to be found. We’ve been unable to find the same soup mix since, so for Valentine’s day last year, I modified a recipe that would satisfy my sweetie’s zest for spicy soup (and my aversion to cilantro soapy food). I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since we’ve made this soup because, honestly, it was the talk of the table for quite some time (Seriously - I know the exact date I made it because I e-mailed the recipe to anyone who’d listen).